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AUTOCARE – Motor Surveyor Software

Autocare is an excellent motor surveying management software that helps Companies to efficiently maintain & store various motor surveying related data . The software also processes the stored data in accordance with the existing motor surveying policies to provide reports that help efficiently analyze the data and thus make better business decisions in the future.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of accounting and computer skills can easily work with this software, you don’t even need to be an accountant . The software completely eliminates all the paperwork and maintenance of huge books and registers. The software is graphically very user-friendly. Even a novice can work on the software with initial assistance.You just keep track of all the transactions & feed them in the software. This saves your time & gives you an accurate business status.

Main features of Autocare:

  • User Friendly Graphical Interface
  • Flexible for 100% Customization
  • Powerful Search System on various criteria on every Data Entry Screen
  • No repeated Data Entry
  • Final Report
  • Bill Check Report /Re-inspection Report
  • In Bill Check ready part prices
  • Addendum Report/Supplementary Report/Spot Report
  • Opinion Report/Valuation Report
  • Company wise Bill Outstanding Statement
  • Company wise Total Bill Issued Statement
  • Bill Receipt Statement
  • Summary of Survey Reports
  • Summery of Survey Reports (Company wise)
  • TDS Statement/Cheque Statement
  • Service Tax Statement
  • Spell Check/Auto Correct Utility
  • Blank Letterhead
  • On Screen Report Status
  • Password Protection
  • Import/Export of Data facility
  • Customize your Remarks
  • Change your Valuation Format as per your requirement
  • Flexible for 100% Report Customization

  • 100+ satisfied Clients