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CSM (Customer Service Management)

What is Customer Service Management(CSM)?

Customer service management is a broadly recognized, widely-implemented strategy for managing and nurturing a company’s interactions with clients and sales prospects.


  • To keep the customer and supplier details : Client can enter / update / delete the customer and supplier details. These details include the unique identification number assigned to them as well as the details of transactions with them.
  • Provision of Search : Client can search of the Customer. Supplier, Enquiries, purchase & Sales Orders based on various criteria such as name, code (Unique Identification no) and date. Client can enter the search string too, to make the search faster.
  • Bill generation : Bill is generated customer wise for the given range of date by the client.
  • Receipt generation : A receipt is issued to the customer with reference to the bill generated.
  • Avoid manual work : The client’s manual processes incur the high risk of data entry errors, redundant work. Project helps in eliminating this kind of paper work and reduces the manual efforts.
  • To maintain and view the Enquiries and Sales & Purchase details : Details of Enquiries are maintained date wise and a unique identification number is assigned to each enquiry. On the basis of Enquiries Seles & Purchase details are maintained.
  • Stock Maintenance : Details of inward and outward are maintained. Variance report is generated and authorized on end of each month.
  • To know the expense incurred: All other expenses such as transport, electricity are maintained.
  • To maintain records service call and AMC : Details of service call and AMC are maintained date wise and unique identification is assigned to each service call. On basis of which monthly service call report is generated.
  • To work with existing financial system: Our project works with existing financial system to give the client greater control over 100% of organizational expenditures.
  • User Login and User Roll Maintenance : All data regarding user login their rolls and access rights are maintained.
  • Generation of Reports : Reports are generated to take a quick glance at the summarized details of customer, supplier, Purchase Challan and Bill Details, Receipt Statement, Stock Details and Service Call Details.

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  • Synergy LLP
  • Brookfield
  • Shi-am Technologies India LLP