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The ERP System to support your entire business processes. Our System handles your department needs of Sales, Purchase, Drawing, Store, QC, Production, Accounting/Finance, Production Planning and MIS etc.
Innovative Technologies proposes the phase wise solution to do all activities mentioned. The details of work involved in all activities are mentioned bellow.

Sales Order, Estimation/Quotation

  • Preparation of sales proposal.
  • Sales Order Generation
  • Order Outstanding Report
  • Order Completion Report
  • Order Follow-ups or Due Date Report
  • Order Valuation Against Purchase
  • Order Wise Stock Statement
  • Customer/Date/ Due Date etc. Statements
  • Order Amendment Statement
  • Import Sales Order Facility
  • Requirement Generation ( Part list), Drawing, Document Management

  • Part list Generation
  • Revisions Follow-ups
  • Attachment of Drawings and Other Documents
  • Import Part list
  • Print and email
  • Purchase

  • Purchase order generation based on request from Work site/Clients order/ General Purchase for materials. Order will be generated to respective Supplier.
  • Statement of List of pending purchase orders Item detail wise.
  • Purchase Order Printing/Email.
  • Update Purchase detail against order
  • Facility to select best price (Compare with previous purchase praises)
  • Order will be generated to respective Supplier based on best rates, vendor rating, pending order, lead-time and service.
  • List of pending purchase orders to be generated item wise, date wise, work order wise, supplier wise, due date wise and value wise.
  • Purchase Order Printing, authentication in soft copy, value of PO based on login.
  • PO for Job items and general items based on supplier, minimum stock, reorder qty, budget / estimated cost etc.
  • Vendor rating, order form and present review format to be included in the software.
  • Purchase Valuation Base on Period, Vendor, Item
  • Purchase order cost Analysis
  • Supplier Master:
    1. Name / Contact Details
    2. Discount Matrix – This option will give provision to set discount matrix with each supplier. This information can consider at the time of preparing the purchase order.
    3. Supplier Category – Dealer/Manufacturer /Importer– this information will be use full for Excise document preparation.
    4. Supplier Rating – This will update based on Purchase order /GRN – Entries.
    5. Credit Limit
    6. Payment Terms
    7. Excise details
    8. Supplier wise – Make availability
    9. Purchase Return/Rejection

    Store/Inventory Management

  • Recording Inward stock (raw materials) Goods Receipt.
  • Recording Issues of raw material to Production department on Issue Request only
  • Goods Receipt acceptance from production Department
  • Generating Dead stock Items Register based on difference in Inward date and Today’s date. This report will be batch wise.
  • Generating Stock Register. Category wise , make wise, date wise, item wise.
  • Maintain reserve stock and Reorder level.
  • Consumption records item wise, date wise.
  • Stock Re-conciliation – (Update with Physical Stock)
  • Stock Transfer Job to Job/General Stock to Job, on Job to General
  • Quality Check (QC)

  • Goods Added to Stock after QC Department Approval
  • Rejection Reports Date wise, Supplier wise, Item wise, Job wise.
  • Production

  • Sending Row material Request to Store Issue
  • For a Particular Job Order / General Items
  • Acceptance of Row material after Store Issue
  • Goods Dispatch

  • Generation Product Finalization Statement.
  • Inform to Accounts/ Production Manager
  • Dispatch of Goods as per Sales Order
  • Customer Relation Management and services

  • Customer Details
  • Repairs, Warranty Service Management
  • Accounts and MIS reports

  • Provision for email directly from the ERP system.
  • Provision to attached files / drawings with any item, master, document.
  • Inventory program is based for multi-location application.
  • All masters need approval and can be updated in master only after approval.
  • Multi User Level
    1. Administrator
    2. Manager
    3. Department User
    4. End User View only
  • User rights Management
  • SMS system (optional)
  • User wise Dashboard Designing

  • Marine Electricals
  • Narhari Engineering Works
  • McGEOCH Marine