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Guard – Inventory Control Software

Guard developed by Interact Software Consultancy is state of the art software capable of giving status of stock for trading, manufacturing firms and assembling units.
The software comprises of several important modules and sub-modules of software’s which effectively and efficiently help gather, store and process the enormous data generated during business transactions and help to generate simple and informative reports. Basically it aims at making the work of stock management very easy.
Anyone with a basic knowledge of accounting and computer skills can easily work with this software, you don’t even need to be an accountant . The software completely eliminates all the paperwork and maintenance of huge books and registers. The software is graphically very user-friendly. Even a novice can work on the software with initial assistance.
Inventory management software and services help you identify inventory requirements, set targets, and report actual and projected inventory status. With this software and techniques, you can optimize your inventory levels, eliminate stock-outs, increase sales, and squeeze the most out of your supply chain.

Main features of Guard:

  • User Friendly Graphical Interface
  • Flexible for 100% Customization
  • Trading and Manufacturing Firms can use it
  • Powerful Search System on various criteria on every Data Entry Screen
  • Billing and Accounting System can be integrated with Guard
  • Production Cycle can be integrated with Guard
  • Guard is available for three business type:
    1. Manufacturing Firm
    2. Trading Firm
    3. Assembling Units
    4. Re-Order Alert Utility
  • Groupwise/Productwise Stock Statement
  • Any Stock Statement can generate for any given date range
  • Consolidated Periodic Summary for any given date range on the basis of godowns, groups, items etc
  • Scrap Report/Costing of Scrap (Manufacturing Inventory)
  • Godown Stock Report
  • Operations Reports (Production Cycle)
  • Labour Efficiency Report (Production Cycle)
  • All Stock Reports which are part of Inventory Management System (Flexible for 100% Customization)