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The Institute Pragati Mitra Mandal was started in the year 1953 with a purpose of playing cricket among friends with intentions to create brotherly atmosphere among the various religion of the society and to help each other in a needy time. Slowly the Sports activity was sidelined and more and more social activities were started.

In the third Decade, the institute has diversified its activities from sports to Social, Educational and cultural activities. More focus was given towards youth’s development. Helping student community by giving school books, college books, and uniforms, Scholarship etc., Arranging Essay, Elocutions and Drawing Competition.

There after activities were widened towards servicing the needy people of the society by helping them in cash or kind, by providing a basic need of life, like Electricity, Water Supply, Clothing and subsidized food grain, Medicines etc. As the time passes this activities could not be restricted only for the students but it became activity for all age group between 5 to 75 years or more. Activities for the different age group were divided into following groups keeping aims and object of the trust in mind.